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ROCK AM RING – Against The Current Make Stellar German Festival Debut


Rock Am Ring, one of Germany’s biggest festivals was held this weekend and we are so happy to have been present. The festival welcomed the likes of The 1975, Bring Me The Horizon, IDKHOW, Against The Current and many, many more. Rock Am Ring is held at the Nurburgring, a Formula 1 race track.

The location, as well as the team behind the festival, is impeccable, it is safe to say this year was a great success. We have seen performances of the greatest rock and metal acts throughout the weekend and will share our findings as well as the photos we took from each band.

Fueled By Ramen’s Against The Current, fronted by charismatic frontwoman Chrissy Costanza is a favorite of ours – and probably always will. Throughout the years we have seen Against The Current live more times than we can count and it goes without saying that we were very pleased to witness the band’s very first German festival performance.

Against The Current, consisting of three members with some help from touring musicians at the live show performed at the Crater stage on 16:55 and at this time, the festival grounds were already nearing its full capacity. With so many people inside, it’s no wonder the space surrounding the Crater stage was filled with people as far as the eye could see.

Against The Current are still on the road, promoting their second album ‘Past Lives’, which released last year. Fan favorites such as ‘Personal’ ‘P.A.T.T.’ (which stands for Pretty All The Time) were among the many songs played this afternoon. Against The Current’s German festival debut was greeted with some rain, but definitely not enough to ruin the mood.

The band did what they do so impeccably well – playing catchy pop-rock music with a high level of crowd interaction and additional entertainment.

Check out Eva van Kuik her photos below and let us know if you are a fan of Against The Current!

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Glenn van den Bosch