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LIVE REVIEW: Crown The Empire Take Amsterdam By Storm With Charismatic Live Performance


Crown The Empire finally made their return to Europe in a headliner capacity, after only being here on festival runs and support slots for the last couple of years.
The last time Crown The Empire played a headliner show in The Netherlands was in January of 2015, at which point the band had just released their album “The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways”. This time around, the band have another full-length album under their belt, as well as two new singles “20/20 & “what i am” which both came out earlier this year.

Bottomline: plenty of reasons for the band to return to Europe in a headliner capacity, with support coming from Volumes and Coldrain. 

While Crown The Empire have seen some line-up changes in the last two years, the passion is still ablaze in the musicians and their live performance perfectly reflected this. As well as playing the tracks in a stellar fashion, the band played their show with such ecstacy and humor, it was very difficult not to become totally invested in the band’s performance.

With a setlist ranging the band’s discography, from the debut EP “Limitless” way back in 2011 up until the recent release “what i am”, who has already become one of the fan favourites by the way, this tour was more a “greatest hits” setlist than anything else.

The band kicked off their set with “SK-68″ &”Are You Coming With Me?”, from the band’s 2016 “Retrograde”. The album has an intro that makes for a perfect set-opener, and the track “Are You Coming With Me?” rapidly increases in speed throughout the track, hyping up the crowd as the song progressed. Quickly bursting into “Zero”, the crowd’s energy reached a height it wouldn’t descent from the entire evening. 

While lead vocalist Andy Leo didn’t always keep key, it had very little to zero effect on the crowd and the show as a whole. This performance was more an intimate party with live music. A perfect opportunity to escape from reality for an hour and have a booze, fun and riff-filled getaway with the boys from Crown The Empire and your fellow concert go-ers.

Crown The Empire swept me off my feet with their performance. Where my expectations were rather low going in, my admiration for the band was reignited by their epic performance. Luckily, you won’t have to take my word for it. Eva van Kuik was there, too, and captured the band’s performance through her lens.

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