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Twenty One Pilots Continue Teasing New Era: What Has Happened So Far

Last week, reports trickled in about a potential new twenty one pilots era being right around the corner. Now, mere days later, we have confirmation that the band’s new era is indeed coming at us very soon.

Last week’s reports

Last week’s report mentioned new music coming from Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park (older music being released for the first time) and twenty one pilots music coming in the upcoming weeks, and from this last, twenty one pilots are the only one who have not officially announced anything yet.


However, even with the absent official announcement, we can see with certainty that the new era is coming soon. 1500 lucky fans have received mail from DEMA. For those unfamiliar with the twenty one pilots lore, the world of DEMA is a complex and enigmatic one, deeply rooted in the band’s music and associated lore. DEMA is often interpreted as a metaphorical representation of mental struggle, a dystopian society, or a state of mind that embodies the challenges of depression, anxiety, and the fight for self-liberation.

In the lore created around their album Trench, DEMA is depicted as a walled city governed by nine bishops, each representing different negative emotions or aspects of mental health that can trap individuals in cycles of negativity and despair. The city is oppressive and controlling, with the inhabitants frequently attempting to escape to a place called “Trench,” which symbolizes freedom, self-discovery, and the journey toward mental well-being. In the following album Scaled And Icy, the duo are back in DEMA and the album, as well as the live stream concert that released alongside the album, is a work of propaganda.

Posters with the new logo

Quickly following the letters making their way, posters of the a new version of the twenty one pilots logo started to pop-up in several cities across Europe. Starting with Warsaw, Poland, we now have posters spotted in the UK, Spain, The Netherlands with more popping up every few hours. In the tweet from @new_era_news right below you’ll be able to keep track of all the locations.

Last but definitely not least, the album covers of various twenty one pilots albums got a visual update on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music & more. Red tape got added to the covers, sending fans into a frenzy once again to buy red tape and change their profile photos to include said red tape. (us included).

Are you excited for the new twenty one pilots to kick off soon? When do you think an announcement or song will be revealed? Stay tuned for whatever is coming next!

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Glenn van den Bosch