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Twenty One Pilots Among Best Selling Cassettes Artists Of 2018


Just as vinyl has made quite the strong comeback starting a few years ago, it appears that the latest thing to have a comeback is cassettes. While it’s not as popular as vinyl right now, it’s becoming increasingly popular and the numbers show.

Earlier this week, Nielsen Music has shared the data for 2018 for cassettes sales, and it turns out Twenty One Pilots’ most recent album “Trench” is among the biggest sellers of cassettes this year.

In the United States of America alone, Twenty One Pilots have sold over 7.000 units of the album on yellow  cassette tape, landing them the spot of being 3rd biggest selling cassette. 

Overall, cassettes have had a pretty good year, with an %23 increase of sales. Over 219.000 units were sold last year!

Have you picked up “Trench” or any other album in cassette form? Or will you stick to CD or vinyl?

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Glenn van den Bosch