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A CliqueCon Will Be Organised In The Summer Of 2020


UPDATE (28/07/2019)
The Clique Con has since posted the official date of the happening, and launched their website. The event will take place on the 27th of June, 2020 in the THE OHIO BUILDING, OHIO EXPO CENTER. In addition, the organisation also launched the official website for the event. Find more details right here

Something exceptional will be taking place in the summer of 2020!

As you know, the Twenty One Pilots fandom, better known as the Clique consists of a group of incredibly inspiring, creative and beautiful people, and a group of them got together to organise something for next summer.

In 2020, the very first CliqueCon will take place in the hometown of Twenty One Pilots: Columbus. Now, this convention is not hosted by the band and their team, no, this event is for the Clique but also organised BY the clique.

The CliqueCon will be a celebration of art created by the aforementioned fans and will also feature giveaways, music performances and not unimportantly: food. There will be booths showcasing some of the bigger Clique artists, as well as starting ones and most importantly: there will be unity and a whole bunch of Clique members at one place.

The date of the CliqueCon has not been revealed yet, but the organisation behind it did share that the date got picked. This CliqueCon is not for monetary gain. Rather it is to repay all that the band and their fans have done for themselves and each other in the last few years. It’s been one hell of a ride.

The organisers of the event do have a GoFundMe going for those who feel generous and would like to help pay for the event. You’ll find the details in the tweet below. (Article continues below)

Below you’ll see the tweet in which the official account for the wonderful happening revealed what will be taking place on the CliqueCon day and you can count on us to keep you posted when something new gets revealed.
Are you thinking of attending the CliqueCon? Let us know if you will be present or if you are thinking about helping out by funding the GoFundMe!