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The 1975 Release Fun New Music Video


The 1975 just released the music video for TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME after the release of the audio track on August 15th this year. This single is another catchy hit from their upcoming record ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’. 

The song itself captures the cool technological vibes of The 1975 with synths creating the band’s signature atmosphere blended with sweet, smooth live instruments giving the human sound. The focus is on the vocals in this song, with Matt Healy’s voice shining through the sound, sounding crisp and clear. 

The video itself brings even more focus to the vocals, with fans of all cultures and genders coming together to celebrate the song. Each person has their moment, centre screen lip syncing to the song and dancing along. The sweet scenes of Healy joining in are heart-warming and fun. The focus here is really on the community the band has built.
Check it out below!

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Glenn van den Bosch