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Watch Brendon Urie Desperately Try To Keep His Fans From Screaming At Him


Eventhough Brendon Urie took his final bow at Kinky Boots, we wanted to share this video of fans screaming at him, as it’s important to realise for everyone that this is not okay. 
We’ve found a video of Brendon Urie asking the fans to stop screaming at him, as he couldn’t handle it at that time. He keeps his cool, but the message stands.
Brendon Urie is still starring in Kinky Boots until halfway through August and has been signing stuff for fans after these shows ever since the beginning.
Unfortunately, Brendon has shared that he will not be doing this anymore for the remainder of the shows.
The signing for fans has become quite a stressful endeavour for Brendon Urie as the fans often portrayed disrepectful behaviour towards each other and Brendon Urie himself.

​You can read Zack Hall’s (Brendon’s bodyguard) statement below.​

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Glenn van den Bosch