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So What’s Exactly Going On Between Panic! At The Disco & Dallon Weekes



With all the rumours flying around, we figured we would just clear the air for all of those who are still unsure on what the status is between Panic! At The Disco and their current bassist Dallon Weekes.
Many feared that were was some drama happening between Weekes and Urie, but fortunately, this was addressed in a semi-recent interview Weekes did with Altpress.

Dallon Weekes is on the verge of a new era in his life, with the release of the debut single for his new musical project I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. He shared the following regarding the whole Panic! situation:

There is absolutely no beef going on between Weekes and anyone in the Panic! At The Disco camp, and Weekes expresses gratitude when discussing the era in which he partook in Panic!.
He says “I owe a lot to Panic. It’s been the best (and longest) job I’ve ever had. Whatever happens with that camp in the future, whenever they need me or want me to be there, I absolutely will be.”

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Glenn van den Bosch