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My Chemical Romance Play ‘Bury Me In Black’ & ‘Hang ‘Em High’ During First US Shows

My Chemical Romance are officially on the road again! After a very successful trek through mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, it’s now time for the US fans to get their facetime with the popular band on their comeback tour.

The tour kicked off this weekend, with the first show happening last Saturday in Oklahoma, with a few surprises on the setlist. The biggest surprise of them all being the live performance of Bury Me In Black, which hasn’t happened since 2003. Another honourable mention would be This Is The Best Day Ever, which was last played live all the way back in 2005. Not to mention that frontman Gerard Way came on stage with Joker-inspired make-up and outfit.

Much like the European leg of the tour, My Chemical Romance are playing a different setlist each night, which means that the second show of the tour, the show in San Antonio had a few different surprises, with the biggest one being the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge track Hang ‘Em High, which hasn’t been played live since 2011.

We cannot wait what else the band has in store for us during this extensive trek through the United States of America. Are you seeing My Chemical Romance live this year? Let us know via social media!

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Glenn van den Bosch