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Melanie Martinez Goes Platinum With Debut Album ‘Cry Baby’


Melanie Martinez has gone platinum with her debut record ‘Cry Baby’!

Her debut album ‘Cry Baby’ came out back in 2015 and she’s been gaining fans ever since.
Only eight albums that released in 2015 have been certified platinum and Melanie Martinez is one of them. As if that’s not impressive enough. don’t forget that that was just her DEBUT record. Her first ever released record has gone PLATINUM.

Melanie Martinez revealed a while back that she’s been working hard on her sophomore record and that she’s aiming for a Fall release. She has also stated that she wants to release a music video for every track on ‘Cry Baby’ before closing that era and moving on to the next one.

So far, she has released 12 music videos. Her album has 13 tracks, so the only music video that’s left is the one for ‘Mad Hatter’.

A platinum single ‘Dollhouse, two certified gold singles ‘Pity Party’ and ‘Carousel’ and now a certified platinum debut album ‘Cry Baby’, i’d say that’s quite the era-closer!

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Glenn van den Bosch