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Melanie Martinez Announces ‘Portals’ Listening Parties At Local Record Stores All Over The World

Melanie Martinez has announced a bunch of listening parties in the U.S., Europe and Australia for her upcoming album Portals.

A lot of local record stores will open their doors on March 23rd for fans of Melanie Martinez. They will be able to listen to her upcoming album, join in exclusive giveaways and pre-order the album at their local record store.

Not much else is known about the entire event. A notable location is the Netherlands. They’re the only country where the event won’t be held in a record store or comic store. The event in the Netherlands will be in an upside down museum. Probably with an entire experience attached to it.

Check out if the listening party comes to a record store near you here, and let us know if you’re going! Stream Melanie Martinez her newest single Death below!

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Aspen van der Wijst