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A New Release From Melanie Martinez Is Coming Very Soon


It has been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Melanie Martinez camp.

We know that we are still one music video short to end the ‘Cry Baby’ era, and that’s the video for ‘Mad Hatter’ which at this point is highly anticipated. Melanie Martinez has shared that new music will be released this Fall, and as Fall is getting pretty close, we’ve been looking for some information regarding what’s going on with Melanie Martinez and her plans. 

Well, we found something! It turns out that Eliseu Zimmer, who also starred in the “Training Wheels” music video, has revealed that he’s been working on a new project with Melanie Martinez and that this project is coming out soon. Zimmer shared this news on the 20th of July, making it (sort of) safe to say that something is coming very soon!

Check out the tweets in which Zimmer shared the news below and get excited for a release of some sort from Melanie Martinez!

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Glenn van den Bosch