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Green Day To Play Shows In South Africa For First Time Ever

Green Day have announced they will perform in South Africa for the first time in January 2025. They will play in Johannesburg at the FNB Stadium on January 19th, and in Cape Town at the DHL Stadium on January 23th. Joining them will be The Offspring, and a local band from South Africa named Fokofpolisiekar.

But before that, Green Day are going on a big tour in 2024 called The Saviors Tour. They will play songs from their old albums Dookie and American Idiot from start to finish, and also play some new songs from their latest album called Saviors.

Mike Dirnt, who plays bass guitar in the band, talked to Kerrang! about how excited they are. “We’re excited. I’m excited about the fact that people are excited about Dookie and American Idiot’s anniversaries. I mean, the fact that we’re launching a new record at the same time as those albums having their anniversaries is a strange anomaly, but also really awesome. And it gives us an opportunity to put together one hell of a show. We can deviate from it – we can do whatever we want to do – but, man, there’s a lot of friggin’ fun songs to play!”

So, Green Day fans have a lot to look forward to with concerts all around the world in 2024 and the band’s first-ever shows in South Africa in 2025.

Check out the announcement below and let us know if you will be going there!

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