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Green Day Tease Release Date New Song With Mysterious Video And Website Launch

As October starts, fans traditionally share jokes about waking up Green Day, a nod to the band’s timeless anthem, Wake Me Up When September Ends. This year, however, the punk rock legends have taken the lead in waking us all up, and they have something exciting up their sleeves.

In a surprising move, Green Day have unveiled a mysterious 33-second teaser video featuring none other than the charismatic frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong. The teaser video begins with Billie Joe turning off an alarm clock, and it’s worth noting that the alarm sound in the clip has the unmistakable vibe of a new Green Day song. As he sits up in bed, our eyes are drawn to a calendar on the wall, adorned with several significant dates in October.

Of course, right at the start of the month, there’s a date that can’t be ignored: October 1st, with the phrase “WAKE ME UP!!” prominently displayed. Towards the end of the month, Halloween makes its spooky appearance. October 21st and 22nd are marked with the intriguing message “WWWY!” meaning Green Day‘s headline performances at the When We Were Young Fest. However, the most tantalizing detail is the date October 24th, encircled in bold red pen, but curiously devoid of any written information.

The caption accompanying the social media video reads, “It’s October 1st, WAKE UP. Now go hit snooze on theamericandreamiskillingme.com.” This cryptic message redirects fans to a brand-new website that showcases the same teaser video. However, there’s a twist; the website offers an option to ‘snooze.’ Intriguingly, clicking on this button allows fans to enter their details and “register for a wake-up call” and set an alarm.

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether this elaborate teaser is a prelude to the release of new music. Green Day gave fans a taste of what’s to come when they performed a previously unheard track called 1981 live back in July. Furthermore, the band had already confirmed their recording efforts, stating at the end of 2022 that they were “working recording our record in London and LA.”

Fans around the world are now eagerly awaiting more details, as the anticipation builds. In the meantime, check out Green Day‘s intriguing teaser video below, and make sure to set your alarms for whatever they have in store on October 24th!

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