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Blink-182 Share They Have 40+ Songs Written For Upcoming Album


Blink-182 shared in an earlier interview that the new album will see the light of day before the Vans Warped Tour shows they have planned for the summer.

In addition, the band recently shared that they have written over 40 songs for the upcoming album.

Some artists write a whole lot of music first, and start making a selection for the actual album later on, and Blink-182 appear to be no exception to this way of working.

In this interview, drummer Travis Barker also shares that this new music will be the absolute best.
hey have no interest in repeating themselves.

Here’s what he shared:

“We have over 40 songs recorded – and we’ve never actually recorded that many songs for an album before. But it’s a matter of – I don’t know, our expectations are crazy. And you know, only 10-12 will be on the album. But we’ve got to have those 10-12 that are bangers.”

He continued: 

“And I think we’re in a place where we don’t really want to repeat ourselves. We’ve done this for so long, we just want the absolute best.”

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Glenn van den Bosch