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Tom DeLonge Launches New Signature Starcaster® Guitar With Fender

In an exciting development for music and guitar enthusiasts, Tom DeLonge has partnered with Fender to release his second signature guitar, the much-loved Starcaster®. This announcement is timed perfectly with the upcoming massive 2024 US tour of Blink-182, where they will be supported by bands Pierce The Veil and Alexisonfire.

The Starcaster® holds a special place in the hearts of fans since DeLonge first showcased it onstage in 2022. Its unique design has inspired many to modify their own Squier® Starcaster® guitars into similar replicas. Recognizing the guitar’s iconic status, DeLonge collaborated with Fender to create a version that embodies both modern tweaks and the essence of its original form.

In a detailed interview with Fender, DeLonge shares his enthusiasm: “I love this guitar, I really do. It’s the coolest guitar ever made. Firstly, it is called a Starcaster®—that’s the most important thing. It goes to space and expands your mind.”

He further explained the modifications made to enhance the guitar’s functionality and aesthetics. “I made some changes to the original Starcaster®; I’ve streamlined the electronics, added the 70s headstock to round out the weight, and chose the matte finish with black hardware, so its look matches its modern feel. This guitar shows my evolution as a player but also has the hallmarks of where I came from and what I’m about.”

Fans and future guitar owners can expect a comprehensive exploration and demo of the new Starcaster® in the full video below, hosted by Fender. This launch not only marks a significant addition to DeLonge’s musical journey but also to the rich history of Fender’s celebrated guitar line.

Check out a full demo of the new guitar below.

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