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ALBUM REVIEW: I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – 1981 Extended Play



After a prolonged period of secrecy, teasing content and exciting promotions, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have released their first EP. ‘1981 Extended Play’ showcases the uniqueness of the duo, and has already left audiences begging for more! It is evident that members Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman produce anything but ordinary music… and that’s just how we like it!

In typical  IDKHOW fashion, the EP opens with mystery. Track One or “Introduction” foreshadows the themes of the album; retro vibes, nostalgia and unique sounds, a combination which is sure to create something magical. The crackly voice-over invites the audience to “follow along”, and you would be crazy not to! 

Track two, “Choke”, was one of the initial singles released by IDKHOW and re-joins new songs on ‘1981 Extended Play’.  However, this does not make the track any less exciting. Whether it is the clever word play, contrasting lyrics and beats, or the somewhat calming vibes of the song, “Choke” is a clear standout. The track provides an insight into the band, and displays why it was selected as a single. Weekes and Seaman can effortlessly intertwine twisted lyrics into a happy, bop-your-head to beat in order to create meaningful and fresh songs. Considering the popularity of “Choke”, it is certainly a track which has drawn attention to the former secret project.

Track three welcomes new track “Social Climb” to the audience. This song offers yet another perspective into the creative world of IDKHOW and what they have to offer. The vocals are eerie and the beats are prominent and heavy. The partnership of these two elements prove why Weekes and Seaman make such an incredible duo, and showcases how their former music careers influence the tracks. The music they have grown with has shaped them, and as fans, we too are getting introduced to these memories. It is once again cemented in “Social Climb” that IDKHOW recognises the input of their fans- “Oh, but be advised, participation is required.” Much like the “Introduction” voice-over, we are reminded that we are in this journey together.

Track four revisits a single released only weeks prior to the release of ‘1981 Extended Play’, “Bleed Magic”. This track picks up the pace and serves some serious retro vibes. Whether it’s the capturing bass riffs or smudged vocals, “Bleed Magic” transports the audience to another era. Although the track provides the ‘old’ vibes, it still sounds fresh and exciting. This is just one of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me’s many talents. “Bleed Magic” has proven to be a favourite amongst fans, and is yet another stand out track off ‘1981 Extended Play’.

The 45 second intermission music is followed by track six, “Absinthe”. The nostalgic elements continue on this track, but utilises them in a complete different way. The heavy and passionate vocals are separated and contrasted by whispering moments backed by non-existing instrumentals, further solidifying that the duo have no limits or guidelines. “Absinthe” offers something so new and so different, and leaves the audience wanting more of this kind of sound.  Personally, I believe this track is the best track from ‘1981 Extended Play’ and further demonstrates how multiple genre influences and a lack of creative boundaries can lead to creations of epic proportions.

Track six leads to a bitter sweet moment for I Don’t Know How But They Found Me fans as although we are met with another incredible song, it is the final song off the EP. “Do It All The Time”, a previous single, opens with a catchy riff which immediately demands attention. The attention given does not fade away as the song continues to capture the audience. Catchy lyrics, perfect vocals and electronic infused instrumentals create a track which not only shows off the iconic partnership between Weekes and Seaman, but creates a favourable memory of the EP within the listener’s mind. “Do It All The Time” will leave you wanting more and shows that six songs is simply not enough to showcase the true talent of the band. In the words of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, they truly are “taking over the world”.

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have truly outdone themselves with their first EP, ‘1981 Extended Play’. Each track offers nostalgic, retro vibes and delivers sounds which only flow due to the talent of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman. IDKHOW display that when done correctly and by the right people, an abundance of genre influences and a lack of creative captivity can result in exciting and intriguing sounds. Six tracks is simply not enough! We can not wait to hear what is to come in the future from I Don’t Know How But They Found Me!

Written by Georgia Haskins

Have you listened to ‘1981 Extended Play’ yet? If not, listen below:

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