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Album Review: Pvris – All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell



Female-led rock band Pvris’ highly anticipated sophomore album All We Need Of Heaven, All We Know Of Hell, was released this morning and it’s nothing short of the haunting and captivating sound their debut album White Noise left us wanting more of.

Heaven was the first track we heard from this album and is also the opening song of AWNOHAWKOH. Although the song is a masterpiece from Heaven (literally), it wasn’t the best choice of song to use as an introduction to the album. Lead singles are generally chosen by the artist as a track that best sums up the main sound of an upcoming album. However, in a weird sense, it also does work as a lead single in the way it provides a relevant continuation from two of the tracks off the band’s previous album, White Noise‘Empty,’ and ‘You and I.’ The sound is stuck halfway between White Noise and AWKOHAWNOH, making this track the perfect bridge between the two albums. With emotional lyrics and high pitch notes, Heaven was swift to become one of my favourites of the album.

While Half may not be a sonically strong track, it’s lyrical elements sure make up for it. Every person who listens to this track will take away their own meaning and will interpret the lyrics to what is currently relevant to them. The message and feeling I walk away with after listening to Half will most likely be different to what you take from it, and is most likely different to the feeling the band has aimed to portray, but this song hits home and will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Anyone Else is a raw, open and honest track. There’s an interesting contrast in the line, “I don’t belong to anyone else.” On the one hand, it appears to be a declaration of deep love, “I will never have eyes for anyone but you. I love you wholly and truly. I don’t belong to anyone but you.” On the other hand, it appears to be fiercely defiant and independent, “I am my own person. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I don’t owe anyone anything.” It is the raw struggle of the push and pull in a toxic relationship that is difficult to remove yourself from. This person is nothing but anguish, but they are all Lynn wants.

While ‘What’s Wrong’ is not a favourite track, it’s not a bad one either and is hella catchy and impossible not to sing along to. We heard a short snippet of Walk Alone as a teaser leading up to the release of the album, and straight up it became evident this was going to be one of the greater songs of the album, and sure enough, it is! Lynn’s strong vocals are present more than ever in a track that is solid and heavy both sonically and lyrically.

Same Soul lets off a slightly different vibe to the rest of the album and is the reason my favourite song keeps changing on a track-to-track basis. Lynn screaming “used to love, used to love, used to love,” is really all we need in our lives right now.

Winter which has been out as a single for a while now, and has it’s own music video, is a lyrically strong track. “Can you burn a fire in my flesh? ‘Cause your love’s so cold I see my breath. I can’t take another night always frozen by your side.”

Lynn screaming “no mercy” in the chorus is really all that needs to be said about the track No Mercy, one of the heavier tracks of the album, in which Lynn throws all of her angry emotions into, that will get you head banging every time the chorus shows up.
While Seperate takes a while to kick in, and is one of the weaker tracks of the album, it kicks off in the chorus. “And pull away the world from me. But I don’t mind, as long as it won’t separate you from me, I’ll be fine.”

Although I don’t quite understand the Nola 1 title reference and it’s relevance to the track, this song delivers a chorus in which I’m sure we can all relate to. “Hear people saying that I’ve changed. I know that I don’t seem quite the same. I don’t know where, don’t know where I went wrong. Don’t know where I went wrong, but I keep singing.”

All We Need Of Heaven, All We Know Of Heaven, is a solid, beautiful collection of work. While the album is more electronic based than White Noise and lacks the heavy sonic elements that originally drew me into the band, the lyrics in this album are more emotionally heavier, darker and emotionally captivating. There really isn’t too many hard-hitting tracks like we saw on White Noise, but the album will grow on you super fast and will leave you feeling just as many emotions as their previous works have. There’s no doubt Pvris have grown and matured as a band, and it is evident the trio have a solid future ahead in the music industry.

Written by Brooke Gibbs

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