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You Could Be In Stranger Things’ Season 3 But Only If You Have This One Talent


“Stranger Things” season 3 has already started production but the crew is still looking for extras for some of their scenes.

In fact, in October they will be shooting a very big scene, for which they are still looking for people to appear in.

There is only one talent you need to possess: you have to play an instrument.

This is the specific casting call of the casting directors:
“Males & females who have had or currently are experienced in participating in a marching band. You will actually play 2 songs with us (so you must know how to play your instrument). Musicians can be of any ethnicity, must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and must be available for filming near the end of October.”

It also said that they will be shooting at night, so we are very curious what the marching band is for.

They are also looking for adults to play extras in various roles, like men of all ethnicities aged 18 and up, who are comfortable in a towel or swimsuit, photo doubles, extras who own a vintage car and general background extras.

Check all the opportunities here.

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Glenn van den Bosch