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Water District Release Inspiring New Single “Dream With Your Eyes Open”


Water District is an indie pop/rock band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Tice Griffin, Ryan Scottie, and Erik Williams. With influences from indie rock music from the 2000’s, Water District is a feel-good band backed up by raw lyrics. And after all, who doesn’t like some pop/rock music from the 2000’s?

THOSE WERE SOME GOOD TIMES. We had We The Kings, The Fray, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Hoobastank, and MORE!

With lyrics like, “Dream with your eyes wide open / The fear will fade away,” and “And everything you know could change,” listeners are empowered to keep on going, no matter what their dreams are.

And in our eyes, nothing is cooler than a band who inspires their listeners.

From living in a van outside of a studio where he worked as a technician, Tice Griffin always pictured himself as the front man for his own band. HE NEVER GAVE UP. Since following his dreams, Water District has released a demo album, an EP, and various singles, to critical acclaim and national airplay. 
Check out their video for “Dream With Your Eyes Open” below:

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Glenn van den Bosch