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Watch Billie Joe Armstrong Perform At Tribute Show For Johnny Ramone


This past weekend, the annual Johnny Ramone tribute took place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

For this tribute, a bunch of artists got together for a special performance to honour the life and legacy of the legendary musician. Among these artists were Morrissey, Duff McKagan, Steve Jones (The Sex Pistols), Fred Armisen and also Green Day’s very own Billie Joe Armstrong.

Together, they played a special acoustic set of Ramones covers to pay their respects to the Ramones frontman. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, Armstrong has shared what the Ramones mean to him personally:

“The thing I liked about them is they didn’t really play up the fashionable English mohawk punk. They were very American and very Americana. They got what the aesthetic was, especially for Johnny, who was a very proud American. So that sort of symbolized the Ramones.”

“When I was a kid I watched on late night TV was a show they were playing in Ann Arbor and if you look it up it’s on You Tube. […] They sounded so f**king good and the energy in the crowd was so completely into it and they had the big banner behind them with the big symbol and I always remember that. The imprint is permanently imprinted into my brain.”

You can check out some footage of the special tribute performance below:

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Glenn van den Bosch