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Volumes Never Got Paid For 40.000 Sold Albums, Re-release Old Albums


Volumes made quite the odd statement on Facebook yesterday.
The band is re-releasing their first two records ‘Via’ and ‘No Sleep’.
A few months ago, these albums disappeared on both streaming services and purchase points.
The reason was that they were trying to get the full right for the albums.

It appears their previous record label never paid Volumes for any sold albums.

They are re-releasing their album on iTunes as of now and they will appear on Spotify soon.
The artwork has also been updated.

Like this, they’re hoping to clear any debt they’ve build up with these two albums, which were supposed to be paid off with the earnings from the albums.

Check their full statement below and if you can help ’em out, get a copy of one of their albums!

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Glenn van den Bosch