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These Are All The Series That Have Been Canceled By Netflix


Over the years, Netflix have decided to discontinue a fair share of shows, some of which who have been running for quite a few seasons, while others were canceled after the first season.

From 2017 onwards, Netflix have decided to discontinue a lot more shows than in the years prior to 2017. This decision, while difficult sometimes, makes a lot of sense, since Netflix have drastically increased the amount of original series in the last few years. While all series will get watched, it only makes sense that some of the “lesser viewed series” will be removed from the streaming service, so that money can be spend elsewhere. 

Of course there are other reasons that original series get canceled. In some instances, a show has just run its course. The story has been told, and there’s no point in keeping the story going.

These are all of the Netflix original series that have been discontinued over the years, with some of the most recent ones being House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black & Luke Cage.

Hemlock Grove
The Killing (VS)
Marco Polo
The Get Down
Everything Sucks!
Seven Seconds
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale
The Good Cop
House of Cards
Haters Back Off
Lady Dynamite
​The Break with Michelle Wolf

Iron Fist
Orange is the New Black
Luke Cage

Which of these series are you currently watching or have you watched in the past?

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Glenn van den Bosch