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The Umbrella Academy Has Epic Gerard Way Easter Egg


The Umbrella Academy’s Netflix original series adaption finally made its way to the streaming service on the 15th of February, and of course, there are some individuals who already made their way through the first season.

In the first episode, there’s an easter egg which is really clever, and just perfect for the My Chemical Romance and/or Gerard Way fans. In the first episode, we get a glimpse at Vanya’s autobiography and the back of the book has a critical praise by Gerard Way – clever, right!

It says:
“An incredible read… a revealing portal into the amazing life of Vayna Hargreeves and the way she has lived… I couldn’t put it down! – Gerard Way”

How far are you already with The Umbrella Academy’s first season?
Make sure to let us know on social media and check out the brilliant find by Reddit user Ignoramus430 in the screenshot below.

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Glenn van den Bosch