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Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Published, Episode Titles Revealed


As the year is coming to an end, we’re getting closer and closer to the year in which we’ll finally get the third season of the highly anticipated Netflix original series Stranger Things.

While we’re patiently awaiting any release date for the third season of the popular show, the series have published a small teaser on their social media channels and revealed the titles of the episodes for the third season.

The third season will once again have 8 episodes and the titles look like this:

  1. “Suzie, Do You Copy?”
  2. “The Mall Rats”
  3. “The Case Of The Missing Life Guard”
  4. “The Sauna Test”
  5. “The Source”
  6. “The Birthday”
  7. “The Bite”
  8. “The Battle Of Starcourt”

Excited yet? While we do get a small video on the Stranger Things’ social media, lucky attendees of the festival CCXP in Brazil were treated to an actual teaser video. Below you’ll find the teaser posted by Stranger Things.

Let us know whether you’re planning on watching the third season of the popular Netflix original series!

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Glenn van den Bosch