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REVIEW: Cane Hill Release Dark, Emotive EP – “Kill The Sun”


‘Kill The Sun’ is the latest EP release from Cane Hill, and it tells the tales of dark, emotional times in their lives.

Although they only released their sophomore record, ‘Too Far Gone’ a year ago, Cane Hill have returned with an emotive EP.
According to Cane Hill, the tracks on ‘Kill The Sun’ came from the band’s desire to show their darker side in a semi-acoustic way. In the post announcing the release, the band stated, “After Too Far Gone we had a lot of residual emotion that we needed to express with music more catered to the emptiness and darkness we experienced.”

There’s a great sense of space and presence in these songs. The delay on some of the instruments really gives them shape. You can almost see the strings of the guitars vibrating and feel the waves of sound spring from them. It’s a really fantastic effect that made the EP even more special and interesting for the listener. 

The tracks feature the acoustic guitar, which gives it a personal, human warmth with the sharpness that one would find in classic rock. This gives the tracks a nice kick and ups the intensity – very fitting for songs so full of heavy emotions.  The use of this sound has a very American feeling that conjures images of dusty sunsets on desert roads.  Alone, hot, waiting for darkness to come.

This personal collection of songs is really a treat to listen to.  The vocals have just the right amount of low grit, to add extra emotion and personality to them, allowing you to really connect with the stories and the instrumentation sets the perfect tone to compliment them. 

This collection of songs in a wonderfully immersive, emotive experience that we at Strife magazine really enjoy listening to again and again. 

You can listen for yourself below!

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Glenn van den Bosch