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Patrick Stump Composing Soundtrack For Movie


He may be best known for his work in Fall Out Boy, but Patrick Stump has been working on his ‘solo material’ in the form of movie soundtracks.

Stump has worked as a composer on films such as ‘Changeland’ and ‘Gnome Alone’, and now he’s working on a thriller called ‘Spell’, which follows the story of an American in Iceland following the death of his wife.  He talked of the challenge the movie presented in an interview with Billboard: In this film, a melody is sometimes a hindrance for the emotions and storytelling. So I was trying to find ways to really underplay it, be more minimalist. It kind of goes against my nature. There are one or two Icelandic pop songs in it, but all the other music you hear in the film is me.”

The film’s director is Brendan Walter,  who has worked with Patrick Stump before in the process of creating Fall Out Boy’s music videos. This is the same man who worked on Panic! At The Disco’s incredible music video for ‘High Hopes’ which had Brendon Urie walking up the side of a skyscraper.

The two make a powerful, talented team who are sure to create something great with this movie.

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Glenn van den Bosch