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Netflix Is Raising The Prices For All The Streaming Plans


It has been reported that Netflix is raising their prices again this year. The streaming giant also raised the prices, which had minimal effect. In the end, Netflix kept growing as steadily as before, eventhough the increase in pricing.

This year however, Netflix will once again increase the prices.
According to reports, the pricing for Netflix will look like this after the increase:

The Basic plan from $7.99 to 8.99.
Standard from $10.99 to $12.99.
Premium from $13.99 to $15.99.

In a chat with Associated Press, Netflix shared the following about the pricing: “We change pricing from time to time as we continue investing in great entertainment and improving the overall Netflix experience.”

While pricing may increase just a bit, you’ll have to ask yourself, is this slight increase worth it to cancel Netflix? Or is it only fair, given the always increasing amount of titles we get to watch on the streaming service?

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Glenn van den Bosch