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Neck Deep Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans Announces Departure From The Band


It’s a sad day for Neck Deep fans, as bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans has announced that he will be leaving the band.

In a lengthy post via the band’s Facebook, he explained how he came to this decision, stressing that they are parting on the best of terms as it was a “decision born of positivity, not negativity”.

He also states:

​”Neck Deep has been a dream come true for me since its inception. We achieved things I never thought possible and I will forever be grateful, and simply in awe of my time spent in the band with nothing but positive memories.”

“Also want to mention early on in this that the guys in the band have been super supportive of my decision, and I know they are going to continue on their path to world domination with no problems, and I look forward to cheering them on as they do so.”

According to him, there are a lot of new projects and challenges he wants to explore outside of the band:

“For the last year in particular I have been working hard behind the scenes in my very limited free time on new music projects in a various pool of genres, writing and producing for myself and for other people.”

“This has quickly become my true passion and being true to myself means letting myself commit to that fully now. I truly believe that every person out there should find their passion and commit to it fully. If the last few years of being in this band has taught me anything its that life is too short to delay chasing any dream a person might have.”

​What do you think those new projects are going to sound like? Let us know!

You can read Fil’s full statement below:

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Glenn van den Bosch