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Jauz Releases New Track Featuring Kyle Pavone, Shares Heartfelt Statement


Jauz, a major name in the EDM scene, who has previously worked with artists such as Skrillex or Diplo, has shared a very special new track.

The DJ and producer, whose real name is Sam Vogel and who started out in more of a metal environment, has had a long friendship with We Came As Romans, especially their clean vocalist Kyle Pavone, who passed away recently.

Now Jauz has unveiled a new track he had been working on, which is called “Frequency” and features Kyle as well. “Frequency” is one of the tracks on Jauz’ new debut album “The Wise And The Wicked”, which drops this Friday.

The track premiered via Altpress today, along with an in-depth statement of Jauz explaining what both his friendship with Pavone and the song mean to him.

“[…] This song was already so close to my heart, but with Kyle’s passing just a few days ago it has taken on a whole new meaning. He was such an incredible, talented, hilarious, inspiring dude, and it’s bullshit that he isn’t here anymore. […]”

He also summarised some of these feelings in a recent Facebook post, where amongst a video of them performing together he stated:

“You were an idol of mine growing up, and then became an amazing friend. You were an amazing friend and then became a collaborator and a brother. You were a fucking rockstar. This track meant so much already, but now it will be so close to my heart forever.”

“Thank you for teaching me and showing me that it doesn’t matter who you are or who you think someone is, we’re all just people. I hope that this can help contribute to the incredible wealth of examples of what an amazing person Kyle was and help you to be happy when you think of him, because that’s what he would want. Love you always brother”

You can listen to “Frequency” here and watch the video snippet of a live version below:

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