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Insatiable Renewed For Second Season


Netflix have announced that their controversial show, ‘Insatiable’ would be coming back for a second season, and people are having very mixed reactions.

When the first season was announced people were wary of its message and the influence it would have on viewers. Some believed it would empower people and show size isn’t everything, but some were concerned about the presentation of body image and worried about ‘fat-shaming’.

Despite scathing reviews and a petition before the show was released trying to keep it from being released at all, the show has been successful enough to be renewed. While it angered many, it has also amused and inspired many others.

The announcement was made via Instagram with a short video clip from Debby Ryan (the show’s star) and other cast members expressing their excitement to continue telling the story of the show’s protagonist, Patty.

 With the first season, season two has mixed reactions with some people as excited as the cast, and some disappointed that the show is going to be continued.

What do you think? Are you happy with the return of Insatiable, or not?

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Glenn van den Bosch