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Documentary About The True Story Of “Dirty John” Released On Netflix


“Dirty John” came on Netflix last month and has had a lot of views since then.

It is about the story of John Meehan, who is played by Eric Bana, who is pretending to be a different person than he actually is.

A second season is already in the works, but Netflix has now also released a documentary about the true story of “Dirty John”.

“Dirty John, The Dirty Truth” is about the story of interior designer and single mother Debra Newell, falling in love with John Meehan, a criminal pretending to be a doctor, just like in the Netflix original show.
It includes interviews with the women he manipulated and abused.
​Conversations with his two daughters are also in the documentary and it digs a lot deeper into his private life.

The documentary reveals part of the drug-dealing part of his life and how there are many other women, besides the ones in the documentary, who he manipulated.

So if you have already binge-watched the show itself, what are you waiting for? And don’t forget to share your thoughts on social media!

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Glenn van den Bosch