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Black Veil Brides To Reimagine Debut Album For 10-Year Anniversary + Add New Songs


In a recent interview with Rocksound, Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has revealed that the band intends to celebrate the 10 years of “We Stitch These Wounds” in a very special way: with a reimagining.

He said that besides the re-recording, they will probably add some new songs or covers to it as well.
“It’ll be 10 years since the first record “We Stitch These Wounds” next summer, so we’ve planned to do a reimagining of that record.

Re-recording some of the stuff, and probably some new songs added to it, maybe some covers that we want to do. So that’ll come out, and that’ll be really cool. I don’t know what the plans are outside of that or how we’re going to present that, but that’s the plan for now.”
“And moving forward, something new. What’s great about Vale being what it was, it was the end to a chapter of the style and feeling of the “Wretched And Divine” era.

And I think we all feel like whatever is coming next is going to be something totally fresh and new.”

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Glenn van den Bosch