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All Time Low’s Jack Barakat Shares He’s Working On A Side Project Of His Own


With All Time Low currently laying low and frontman Alex Gaskarth spending some time with Mark Hoppus as Simple Creatures, Jack Barakat was asked about his plans in a recent interview with KROQ.

In this interview he shared that he is working on something for a new project, but hasn’t revealed what exactly this entails. This is what Barakat said:

“Alex is doing Simple Creatures, and I’m working on a little somethin’ somethin’.”

Jack continued: “But the thing is, no matter what, All Time Low loves touring. Alex wants to do his thing, but I’m gonna make him come back. The thing is I was like ‘Alex I want to take the year off, you go do Simple Creatures, I want a break’ and he was like ‘let’s get back in the Fall’ and I’m like dude no – I want to sleep,” to which Alex replied “I’m a work horse! I like to work!”

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Glenn van den Bosch