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Up-And-Coming Swedish Alternative Project Dream Drop Has Released Another Face-Melting Single

Swedish alternative group Dream Drop have just released another single: Metamorphosis. The song doesn’t stray much sonically from their earlier projects like Something Old, Something New, Something Red, All For You, and still tracks with the band’s roots of head-banging metal and alt-rock.

Vocalist Joar’s delivery on the track ranges from as sweet as Swedish metalcore can get to pure scream metal, and the transition between the two leaves the listener always wanting more. Metamorphosis addictive lead hook draws the listener in, and Olle’s tasteful but always energetic drumming gives the song the drive it needs to compel itself forward.

The track transitions to a bright guitar solo that soars above the mix, reminiscent of an old MGMT synthline. Dream Drop’s new song passes as both an alt-rock anthem and an underground metal triumph.

Check out the music video for Metamorphosis below!

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Aiden Rodgers