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Sleep Token’s ‘Take Me Back To Eden’ Dominates Spotify As 2023’s Most-Streamed Metal Album

Sleep Token‘s 2023 album, Take Me Back To Eden, secured its place as the most-streamed metal album on Spotify in 2023. The anonymous band’s success translated into their first Top 5 album, headline festival performances, and a memorable Wembley show.

Outranking Metallica‘s 72 Seasons,’ released a month earlier, Take Me Back To Eden became the reigning champion of Spotify’s metal charts. The lead track, The Summoning, boasted an impressive 92 million streams, surpassing Metallica‘s most popular track by a significant margin.

With 3,131,019 monthly listeners and a total of 357,324,681 streams, Sleep Token‘s impact on the scene was undeniable.

Celebrate with us and listen to the album below!

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