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Sleep Token’s Mysterious Drummer, II, Breaks Silence In First-Ever Interview

In a surprising move, Sleep Token‘s drummer, known as II, has broken the band’s tradition of full anonymity with his first-ever interview,
even though his face was concealed by his mask. Remarkably his previous one, and not the recently revealed new one.

The hour-long video, hosted by Drumeo, not only features II talking about the band’s influences, his drumming style, and their latest album Take Me Back To Eden but also showcases his drumming skills through live demonstrations.

As the first member to step forward, II’s interview represents a historic moment for the band, providing a rare look into the usually mysterious world of the band.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think!

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Eva van den Bosch Head Editor, Photographer
Eva van den Bosch combines concert photography with a prominent editorial role at Strife Mag.