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Pierce The Veil Release Highly Anticipated New Album ‘The Jaws Of Life’

Pierce the Veil are back with a new album, starring Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, and Jaime Preciado. Their fifth album The Jaws of Life is a powerhouse of an album. With heavy vocals and beautiful melodies, this album is a welcome back for long time fans of the band. I also recommend it for anyone who hasn’t checked out Piece the Veil. I was never a big fan of their music, only knowing the song ‘King For a Day’.

But this album is a masterpiece. Every song has its own vibe to it. The emotions are brought out through Vic’s vocals and I found myself being whisked away into the story he tells through the lyrics.

Pass the Nirvana was a really good song that almost felt like a throwback to rock/grunge. It had heavy vocals and a different tone from the rest of the album. But it fit in very well.

Emergency Contact had me feeling a little down once I took notice of the lyrics. I feel from this song on, the theme was really brought out. Talking about heartbreak, trust, love, trauma, and depression.

Flawless Execution brings out the feelings of not belonging, and almost feeling like a freak or parasite to others. Wanting to shut yourself away from those you love just to save them.

The Jaws of Life talks about fighting with oneself. It mentioned pointing a gun at the mirror, reflecting on inner demons.

Shared Trauma was a really beautiful, melodic song for the dark theme it brought out. It brings up how you may share trauma with someone, and yet unfortunately it never goes away. Past trauma only goes away when new trauma arises.

I just really love how this album came together. Every song was worth the listen. They all flowed together. The vocals were beautiful, and the guitar work was excellent. The Jaws of Life released today. I highly recommend checking it out, even if you’re not a fan of Piece the Veil. It’s a good listen that is definitely worth your time.

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Mara Wesney