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Of Mice & Men Release New Single ‘Indigo’ From Upcoming Album

California rockers Of Mice & Men have dropped their latest single, Indigo, from their highly anticipated album Tether, scheduled for release on October 6th. This heartfelt track follows the earlier releases of Warpaint and Castaway, offering a more emotive and introspective vibe.

Aaron Pauley of the band explained the essence of Indigo: “‘Indigo’ is about questioning why the sky would choose to be blue if it had the choice to be anything else – blue also meaning sad. It’s about comforting a loved one in a time of loss by telling them you feel blue, too.”

Tether will mark Of Mice & Men‘s eighth album and will be available via SharpTone Records, promising fans a deeper and more emotional listening experience.

Listen to the new single below and let us know what you think!

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