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New Music Friday: Ashnikko, Asking Alexandria, Beartooth & More

Get ready to kick off your weekend with a musical blast! New Music Friday brings an exciting lineup of fresh tracks that will have you grooving and singing along. From powerful collaborations to triumphant comebacks, and mesmerizing remixes, there’s something for every music lover to enjoy. Join us as we dive into the latest releases from Ashnikko, Asking Alexandria, Beartooth, Our Last Night, The Word Alive, The Devil Wears Prada and Being As An Ocean. Not to forget ofcourse Spiritbox’s Jaded and L.S. Dunes’ Old Wounds. So, plug in your earphones, turn up the volume, and let the rhythm take over.

  1. Ashnikko Drops Debut Album WEEDKILLER — A Powerhouse of Artistry

Ashnikko, the 27-year-old musical force, brings us her debut album WEEDKILLER. Following her 2021 mixtape DEMIDEVIL, Ashnikko takes center stage with her signature blend of sounds and powerful themes. The album boasts a series of thought-provoking tracks, including the assertive singles Worms and Cheerleader. Dive into Ashnikko’s bold exploration of feminism and self-expression that’s bound to leave a lasting impact.

  1. Asking Alexandria Present Where Do We Go From Here? — A Genre-Defying Odyssey

British outfit Asking Alexandria return with their intriguing album Where Do We Go From Here?. Demonstrating their mastery of genre-shifting, the album navigates seamlessly between rapid-fire blast beats and melodic arrangements. With tracks like Bad Blood and Things Could Be Different, this release showcases the band’s musical evolution and willingness to challenge norms.

  1. Beartooth Unleash Doubt Me — A Glimpse of The Surface

Beartooth ignite anticipation for their fifth album, The Surface, with the release of the single Doubt Me. The upcoming album, set for October 13th, promises an intensely personal journey led by vocalist Caleb Shomo. With an exploration of brighter themes, The Surface aims to captivate listeners with Beartooth‘s trademark energy and introspection.

  1. Our Last Night Offer Captivating Cover of The Fray‘s You Found Me

Our Last Night have put their unique spin on The Fray‘s hit track You Found Me. Known for their compelling covers, the band infuses their signature style into this beloved song, delivering a fresh perspective on a timeless classic.

  1. The Word Alive Unveil Hard Reset — A Rebirth of Sound and Identity

The Word Alive have introduced their album Hard Reset with a captivating opener, The Word Alive Is Dead. This album marks a new chapter for the band, showcasing a more defined and evolved sound. From anthemic pulses in Hate Me to the powerful collab in War With You, Hard Reset is a bold redefinition of The Word Alive‘s musical journey.

  1. The Devil Wears Prada Re-release Salt featuring Dayseeker — A Fusion of Talent

The Devil Wears Prada team up with Dayseeker for a re-release of their track Salt. Originally part of their album Color Decay, released last year, this collaboration adds new dimensions to the song, offering a fresh perspective on their distinctive sounds.

  1. Being As An Ocean Present Death Can Wait — First Music As Duo

Californians Being As An Ocean have released their first new music since 2021 track Lost. Now functioning as a duo, they have revealed their latest track Death Can Wait, released via independent German record label Out Of Line Music

These fresh releases are sure to elevate your New Music Friday to new heights. Don’t miss out on these incredible tracks and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of music! Happy listening!

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