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Netflix & Ryan Murphy Confirm New Season Of ‘Monster’ After Jeffrey Dahmer

Netflix and Ryan Murphy have just announced the exciting news that the next installment in their highly successful Monster anthology series will be titled Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story. This announcement comes on the heels of the massive success of the first installment of the series, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which premiered last year and broke records with 1 billion view hours in its first 60 days.

With the success of Dahmer, it was no surprise that Netflix ordered two additional installments of the anthology series from the talented duo Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan.

Dahmer was a hit with both critics and viewers alike, earning critical acclaim and multiple award nominations. The series received both SAG and Golden Globe nominations. Evan Peters, who played the lead role of Dahmer himself, won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series and received a SAG nomination for his portrayal of the infamous serial killer.

The new season of Monster will focus on the notorious Lyle and Erik Menendez, two brothers who were convicted of murdering their parents in 1989. The case captivated the nation at the time, and it remains one of the most infamous crimes in American history.

In addition to the new season, Netflix has also announced that they have exclusive access to Lyle and Erik Menendez for a forthcoming documentary feature.

Overall, the confirmation of a new season of ‘Monster’ is sure to be exciting news for true crime enthusiasts and fans of the anthology series. With the success of Dahmer and the talented team behind the show, expectations are high for what promises to be another must-see installment.

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