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Neck Deep STFU 2022

Neck Deep Release New Track And Music Video

Pop-punk band Neck Deep have released their new single STFU, a song they have previously been hinting at.

Along with this new song came a music video. The video is perfect for the song, a video that is very reminiscent of older pop-punk bands’ music videos with fun edits, paper doodles and even old computers to fit the theme.

The video references the song very well throughout with political doodles to match. The song is phenomenal, with a fast but catchy beat, especially the chorus.

Singer Ben Barlow sings with emotion and flair that reminds me of the band Sum 41 with their loud, fast and ferocious songs and hidden meanings (from politics to societal beliefs).

Overall the song is great in portraying the British government especially but also exposing the thoughts and feeling behind the people suffering from the consequences of those above them.

The instrumental fits the song like a glove, the fast-paced drums make the song seem as a whole rather than broken up and the guitar keeps a catchy beat throughout.

This is a song that you must see live, so tell us if you plan on seeing Neck Deep (and this song) soon!