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Lorna Shore Release First Single ‘To The Hellfire’ With New Vocalist

After the official announcement for Lorna Shore’s new vocalist earlier this week, the band released the first single with the new line-up on this week’s New Music Friday.

The brand new single is titled ‘To The Hellfire’ and came accompanied with a music video. The single will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP“…And I Return To Nothingness”, which will release on the 13th of August via Century Media Records.

‘To The Hellfire’ introduces vocals from the band’s new vocalist Will Ramos, who you might know from the band A Wake In Providence.

Guitarist Adam De Micco shared the following about all the exciting news:

“Finally excited to release all this information to everyone. It’s been a year and a half on silence on our end and today is a day that we cannot be quiet about this. To be able to announce our new vocalist Will Ramos, a brand new EP, and to finally get back to playing shows again. Will filled in for us over in Europe and during the past year we decided to do 3 songs to see how the fit would be.

Which brings us to our EP ‘…And I Return To Nothingness’. The EP features 3 songs that we feel sums up and identifies the band in a way that we see fit. Each song is unique from the next and displays the characteristics of who we are as a band. In addition to we will be playing shows supporting the release of the EP.

Check out the music video for the brand new track below and let us know if you are excited for Lorna Shore’s new EP to release this summer!

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Glenn van den Bosch