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James Wan Hints At Return To Horror As He Delves Into Thrilling New Project

Renowned filmmaker James Wan, celebrated for his mastery of the horror genre and blockbuster hits, has recently expressed a desire to return to the director’s seat for more spine-chilling ventures. Known for creating iconic horror franchises and seamlessly transitioning into big-budget spectacles like Aquaman, Wan is eager to balance his creative endeavors by oscillating between grand cinematic experiences and smaller, intense projects like his recent mind-bending horror film, Malignant.

During the promotional tour for his latest Aquaman installment, Wan couldn’t escape conversations about his roots in horror. He shared, “You know, I have a tendency to want to go back and forth. So, whenever I make a smaller film, I wanna go and make a big film. Whenever I’m doing a big one, I’m like, ‘Oh, I wanna go and do a smaller film,’ and when I do my smaller films, it tends to be a horror film. So, you know, I feel like the itch for horror is potentially calling, but we’ll see.”

Fans are clamoring for Wan’s return to the horror scene, eager to witness more of the audacious and unpredictable storytelling that made Malignant a standout in the genre.

In the meantime, while Wan contemplates his next directorial move, he remains deeply involved in the horror realm as a producer. Wan is set to bring Catherine Ryan Howard’s gripping book adaptation, 56, to the screen under the new title Obsession.

The synopsis provides a tantalizing glimpse into a tale of secrecy and suspense:

No one even knew they were together. Now one of them is dead.

56 DAYS AGO: Ciara and Oliver meet in a supermarket queue in Dublin and start dating the same week COVID-19 reaches Irish shores.

35 DAYS AGO: When lockdown threatens to keep them apart, Oliver suggests they move in together. Ciara sees a unique opportunity for a relationship to flourish without the scrutiny of family and friends. Oliver sees a chance to hide who — and what — he really is.

TODAY: Detectives arrive at Oliver’s apartment to discover a decomposing body inside. Can they determine what really happened, or has lockdown created an opportunity for someone to commit the perfect crime?

As James Wan explores the intricate web of obsession and secrecy in Obsession, fans eagerly anticipate his potential return to the director’s chair, craving more of the unique brand of horror that only Wan can deliver.

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