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In This Moment Unveil Mesmerizing Cover Of Björk’s ‘Army Of Me’

Grammy-nominated band In This Moment have taken fans by storm with an enthralling cover of Björk’s iconic track Army Of Me. This reworked rendition is a sneak peek into their highly anticipated GODMODE album, set to release on October 27th via BMG. Following the album’s lead single, The Purge, and its emphatic title track, fans have been eagerly awaiting more musical magic from the band.

Maria Brink, the vocalist of In This Moment, shared her inspiration for the cover, saying, “I was a teenager when I first got into Björk. I was mesmerized by her. She has a really inspiring energy to a lot of her stuff, an enlightening feeling. She’s just so innovative and groundbreaking and inspiring and magical.” Guitarist Chris Howorth added, “Maria played me three different Björk songs to see which I thought would be the best. This was the one. I didn’t know it was gonna come out as cool as it is. It’s so rockin’.”

Fans can experience this new track via the visualizer and look forward to GODMODE, the successor to the band’s 2020 album Mother, which will also feature a collaboration with Spencer Charnas, the vocalist of Ice Nine Kills.

Check out the new cover below and let us know what you think of it!

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