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Ice Nine Kills Release New Cinematic Music Video For ‘Welcome To Horrorwood’

Ice Nine Kills released a new music video for Welcome to Horrorwood yesterday.

The song itself has been out for quite a while now but it just got a music video. The music video continues Ice Nine Kills their horror-movie-like approach at music. It depicts Spencer Charmas the lead singer of Ice Nine Kills as he is in court after being arrested. There is a video being shown as evidence that Spencer is in fact guilty of murder.

The song starts, and you see Spencer stepping out of a vehicle. Everyone cheers him on and is exited to see him. But things take a turn when he is asked a question. He starts to slaughter everyone around him in various gory ways. The band joins him when the police arrives, together they try to shoot them down. I will not spoil much more of the video since it’s better to watch it yourself.

Luckily there is also a censored version of the music video for the ones that can’t handle all the gore in the uncensored version. The music video was first teased a few days ago when Ice Nine Kills posted a video with the title ‘Previously on ‘Welcome to Horrorwood’…’

The censored version is somewhat of the ‘default’ version of the music video since this is the only one publicly posted. The music video is also a crossover with the YouTube channel Dead Meat which is known to cover a lot of horror movie content in their videos. The entire video is also full of references to other famous horror movies including some more well known people playing in the music video.

The music video also seems to tease that there’s more to the story since there is a black screen at the end with ‘To be continued….’ We’re excited to see what is to come!

Check out the censored version of the music video out below! There is a card at the end of the video for the people which takes you to the uncensored version for the people who prefer that version.

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Aspen van der Wijst