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Hacktivist Release New Single ‘Hyper Dialect’ Featuring Ten56.’s Aaron Matts

Hacktivist have released another song prior to the release of their new album ‘Hyperdialect’ which will release on the 18th of June via UNFD.

The new song, including the music video, is the title track of the album and features guest vocals from Ten56. frontman Aaron Matts.

Vocalist Jot Maxi shared the following about the new song:

“This single is about trying to describe our signature sound and how we use it. If our band was a comic book hero, then ‘Hyperdialect’ would be their weapon or superpower! It’s our method of attack, our way of putting our governments and mainstream medias in the crosshairs. But rather than brute force we use ‘Hyperdialect’ to strike back.

“Technically you could say that all Hacktivist music is ‘Hyperdialect’. That’s one of the reasons we also chose it as an album title, this song then stands as an autological explanation of itself as a theory.”

The end result can be viewed and listened to in the video below!

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Glenn van den Bosch