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Falling In Reverse & Jelly Roll Team Up For New Song ‘All My Life’

The music world is buzzing with excitement as Falling in Reverse team up with country crossover star Jelly Roll on their latest track, All My Life. Both artists have been making headlines throughout the past year, and this collaboration promises to be one of the hottest releases of the summer.

A Year of Collaborations for Falling in Reverse

Falling in Reverse have been on a roll, releasing singles and collaborating with various artists over the past few years. Ronnie Radke recently confirmed that the band’s new album, Popular Monster, is set to drop on August 16th. The announcement follows the release of the explosive track Ronald, featuring Radke alongside Slaughter to Prevail’s Alex Terrible and rapper Tech N9ne.

Introducing All My Life

All My Life marks a new chapter for Falling in Reverse as they bring Jelly Roll into the mix. This country-leaning rock song showcases Jelly Roll‘s versatility and love for rock music.

A Visual Treat

The music video for All My Life adds a western flair to the song, featuring Ronnie Radke riding a horse. The video includes guest appearances from Bunny XO (Jelly Roll’s wife), Saraya, and Epitaph Records honcho Brett Gurewitz. The visual storytelling complements the song’s theme and adds an extra layer of excitement for fans.

With All My Life, Falling in Reverse and Jelly Roll have created a track that blends rock and country influences, delivering a memorable and catchy tune that will undoubtedly dominate the airwaves. This collaboration is a testament to both artists’ ability to push musical boundaries and connect with a broad audience.

Check out the song and video for All My Life below.

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