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BABYMETAL, the Japanese metal band known for their fusion of metal music and idol pop, has just announced the addition of a new member, Okazaki Momoko, who will be taking on the stage name MOMOMETAL.

Okazaki Momoko has been with the band since 2019 as one of their ‘Avengers‘, the band’s backing dancers. Prior to joining BABYMETAL, Okazaki Momoko was a member of Japanese idol girl group Sakura Gakuin and a contestant on the show Girls Planet 999 in 2021.

The announcement of her joining the band was made on April 1, which is not only known as April Fool’s Day but also as FOX DAY in the world of BABYMETAL. On this day, special announcements are made, and that evening the band performed at the PIA ARENA MM in Yokohama for their BLACK NIGHT show, with CLEAR NIGHT following on Sunday.

BABY METAL released their latest album THE OTHER ONE on March 24th.

Check out the announcement below and let us know whether or not you are excited!

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