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The Real ‘The Watcher’ Family Sold Their Story And Requested These 2 Changes

If you’re an avid Netflix watcher, chances are you have seen the new The Watcher series on your screen, whether you have watched the whole thing yet or just seen it in your ‘now trending’ box on the popular streaming service.

Netflix won the rights to the Brannock family story back in 2018 in a bidding war amonst interested parties, for how much has not been disclosed, but with the series’ current success, one can argue the high costs for the story was worth it.

When the story sold, the family in question requested two changes to be made from the real story. The first change being the family name. The real ‘The Watcher’ name is not Brannock and even the first names Nora and Dean are not factually true. In addition to this change, the family also requested the composition of the family to not be the same. In reality, the family has three kids rather than 2.

The letters that the family Brannock receives from the Watcher stalker character are however the same as the letters that the real Brannock family received. Haunting.

Have you seen The Watcher yet? If not, check out the trailer below and let us know if you plan on watching it!

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Glenn van den Bosch